Crisis Line Awareness Week

This is Crisis Line Awareness Week!

We have a protocol with the North Island Crisis Line to provide support to community members, and especially to community members who need support outside of regular work hours:

Crisis Line Volunteers will:

·         Listen to anyone who is having a difficult time and just needs to talk (can do so anonymously or give your name)

·         If you feel you want more help after talking you can ask for a referral to the Gwa'sala-'Nakwaxda'xw Child & Family Services Team.  The worker will take your contact information and we will be automatically notified the next work day - then a member of our team will be assigned to follow up with you.

·         If it's an emergency, such as a suicide concern, the Crisis Line will contact 911 to have emergency services respond and take steps to keep the person safe.  They will also send us an automatic notice about what happened so that on the next work day we can assign someone from our team to follow up.

This is a very effective way to make sure:

1.       Community members can get help 24 hours a day for any emergency, and

2.       That our team will be aware automatically of any need for follow up.

This  means better services and less people falling through the gaps!

The Crisis Centre is also looking for people to volunteer to take the training and help others too!  If you are interested please contact Cathie Wilson at the Crisis Centre (250) 949-8333.

Dean Wilson